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Sunny in the Summer; Sunglasses for Everyday June 25, 2021 17:45

It’s no secret that in the summer months the sun is out far longer and is often far brighter than in any other months. For this reason it is important to wear sunglasses. In order to ease our eyes and protect them from the hot summer sun, just like good nutrition and exercising, we need to protect our eyes as well!

This is why AFONiE designers are not only focused on trendy aviation style sunglasses (check out our set of four sunglasses for $60 because we love sales as much as you), but we also focus on every other detail from the colors, UV protection and the confidence you will feel when you wear our sunglasses!

Fashion Summer sunglasses

Along with style and affordability, we strive to boost your confidence and make you feel powerful. You know that power, when you have the perfect outfit and the perfect accessory for it? How you suddenly feel as though you could take on the world when you just know you look so stylish and cool?

That is exactly what we are trying to achieve here for you because we want you to feel as confident and happy as possible. Every lens set into the frames will have at least a 400 UV protection so you never have to worry about your retinas when you’re outside on a quick errand run or even when taking a long walk with friends. But even better yet is the many options we have for you!

AFONIE Sunglasses collection same day shipping

As mentioned earlier, we believe in getting a bang for your buck and thus many of our sunglasses are in sets that will allow you to pick and choose which is the best option for you and your outfit on any given day. Imagine: having three to four stylish options to pick and choose from each day when deciding on your outfit! Because whether you want some retro round glasses or our signature unisex sport frames there are sooooo many options to choose from for you to stay safe and stylish under the summer sun.

Hit-up our sunglass sale section at this link: to get some trendy sunglasses for no more than $12!

Plastic Frame Sport Sunglasses


Summer travel here we come! June 3, 2021 15:35

Top 10 Summer Travel Picks

 AFONiE Travel Leather Carry ons and Leather Passport covers

It seems like it’s time to dust off those passports, pull out those suitcases and break into a happy dance because your summer travel plans have gotten the go ahead as more and more people are getting vaccinated and more and more destinations are open for tourists! While there can be little doubt over the importance in choosing the right destination and planning for everything from hotels to transportation, making sure that you stay well hydrated, comfortable, well packed, and having your passport safe is just as crucial!

In this line of thinking, here at AFONiE we collected our favorite 2021 summer travel plan picks to make sure we are perfectly prepared for our own dream vacation-and we figured it was best to share... especially since our fast shipping can get these items to you just as summer starts! 

1. Genuine Leather Backpack by AFONiE™

 Genuine Leather Backpack by AFONiE™

Let’s start with a backpack, the ultimate way to carry all you need for the day with ease. This quality backpack is made of 100% genuine leather, making it both perfectly chic and durable. The wide strap allows for padding and carrying the weight in comfort (while avoiding any back aches that might derail your trip). So whether your summer plans are as simple as heading to college or as complex as a month-long backpacking trip or simply strolling in the big city this genuine leather backpack is perfect for you; from the two front pockets and single back pocket to the multiple color options! So wear this backpack with confidence and know that you will be comfortable, have all the items you need and all the important documents are secure.

2. Small, Soft Leather Satchel Bag by AFONiE™
Small Soft Leather Satchel Bag by AFONiE™

This small leather satchel is perfect if you’re going on a quick mini-vacation this summer. Items can get heavy if you’re carrying them around all day, but this satchel bag has already considered that. From the large main compartment to the zippered pockets on the side, it truly is the perfect item for the weekend trip you’ve been planning since...well, forever? So pack this bag and head out, knowing that you're covered- from the extra storage to the adjustable shoulder strap. So tour that city with excitement and no concern. And because we believe in our products so much….And because we want you, your family, and friends (AFONiE believe you not traveling aloneJ  Even if you are- cool!) to enjoy such as much… AFONiE is running a deal on it right now: Get one for $17,  two for $32, three for $45 or get four for $56, after all these are the perfect gifts!


3. AFONiE™ Ultimate Travel Leather Backpack

AFONiE™ Ultimate Travel Leather Backpack

From the drawstring top to the buckle closure, this leather backpack was destined for a summer vacation. Made from smooth leather and available in multiple colors, this backpack is perfect to take on any trip you might have been dreaming up. Perhaps that beautiful scenic hike? Or maybe that weekend getaway just for yourself? Whatever carefree trip you have planned, this backpack is an excellent travel companion for you since it optimizes storage space and for you to take all the little essentials you might need to remain safe, confident and happy; all of which is our goal!


4. Water Bottle Waist Pack

Black Waist Pack with water bottle pocket

Are you’re planning on taking a hike?  Walk around town? Are you going wander the streets of a foreign city? there is little to doubt that you will eventually get thirsty! AFONiE figured out just how to make sure you look stylish and still manage to stay hydrated. This non-slip water bottle holder for your waist is optimal if you are looking for a sleek, yet spacious option to hold your water bottle and whatever extras you’ve got tagging along with you. The three pocket options provide extra room for your phone (either Android or iPhone), Passports, keys, cards, money and snacks- so it's certainly perfect for remaining comfortable while your hands are free and hydrated on your trip!


5. Organizer's passport dream (in leather!)

Organizer's passport dream (in leather!)

When it comes to traveling out of the country, a passport holder is a must! The lovely thing about this passport holder is that it conveniently stores all your necessary travel cards and documents in one place, with its minimalist construction our designers so thoughtfully considered. So, from the genuine leather tip to the fold closure that protects those travel stamps you plan to be racking up, this passport holder is truly perfect for your 2021 summer travel plans. AFONIE hope you’ll fall in love with it as much as we have.


6. AFONiE RFID Blocking Leather Bifold Wallet/Passport Holder

AFONiE RFID Blocking Leather Bifold Wallet/Passport Holder

From the RFID-blocking technology embedded in this stunning leather wallet to prevent identity theft to the extra storage provided, this is the passport holder you might just want to take on your trip overseas.

The multi-function feature of the leather passport holder can also be used as an excellent organizing tool for any other items such as travel documents or receipts. So purchase for the utilitarian purposes or your 2021 summer travel plans-either way it's a great investment piece for you to enjoy for years to come!

 7. Genuine leather unisex Shoulder Backpack Cross Body Bag

A very portable yet charming leather cross-body bag. Thick and wide strap for ease of carrying around. Features a side zipper to access the main compartment. This stunning and enticing leather bag has a side bottle holder and comes with 4 front pockets and a single back pocket that fits most of what you need for the day. When you on the go on your fun vacation day this bag will help you keep your hands free to take fabulous pictures or to enjoy a new ice cream flavor.



 8. Satin Perfection travel pouch

While we often highlight our favor towards leather as a material of choice, we also adore satin for it’s lightweight and durable weave. For this reason it only made sense that our designers would think of it when creating a soft travel pouch for your summer vacation plans that can be clipped onto your waist with adjustable straps! Inside of the pouch you will find two pocket options with zippers and a credit card pocket as well, but at AFONiE you should know that storage and organization are key components to our designs. So pick this up today at our discounted cost for your summer plans and keep all your valuables on you at all times.

9.Hidden Leg Canvas Secret Travel Wallet

Yes, I did hint at this safely hidden wallet earlier! While we may not be James Bond and the need to hide all of our valuables isn’t a life or death situation, it can certainly make you relax easier on your vacation if you know exactly where they are. And in this case the answer would be on you! Made of canvas and designed to be strapped around your upper thigh and worn under clothes, this wallet helps the extra-cautious traveler keep their valuables safely on them at all times so they can relax knowing that everything from their passport to cash is with them and can’t be stolen.

 10. 'Zip me up!' RFID Passport Cover

Can you tell that here at AFONiE our motto for traveling is, 'travel safe and travel smart'? If not, then scroll down to the item on this list where we’ve figured out just how you can safely hide your valuables on your person. Since we adore safety and want our customers to feel safe and confident when they travel, we have crafted this timeless passport holder in genuine leather with a zipper around it. The use of the zipper is obvious-and needed; to protect your belongings from both falling out and pickpockets. So purchase this perfect passport cover today with RFID technology to block electronic pick pocketing during your summer travels so that you can have a blast without any fears about your valuables.


11. RFID Blocking US Passport Cover

Can you tell that we truly adore RFID blocking technology? It’s because we believe in it! And really, you should too. The embedded technology is an excellent tool in combating electronic pick pocketing and identity theft. For this reason, we really wanted to make sure that you were safe and secure in your summer travel plans and created this RFID blocking US passport cover. Inside of the premium leather cover you have eight credit card slots, one long pocket designed for a boarding pass, an ID window, and a coin pocket. So if you're ready to travel abroad and want everything in one place and protected, then this is the perfect passport holder/wallet for you!


AFONiE Wishes you and your family have a great fun time over the summer and will appreciate you keeping in touch! 

Father’s day gift ideas 2021 May 13, 2021 14:14

Fast Shipping

Let’s face it - shopping for parents is hard. What do you get for the people that raised you, cleaned up after you and built their lives around you? Flowers don’t always cut it and sweet cards can only go so far, but this Father’s day you can bring a smile to your father’s face with these five beautifully detailed and heartfelt gift options. So even if he said that he didn’t want anything (we all know that isn’t true) these items will certainly make dad smile!

Our #1, & 2 Picks - For the dad that really needs a new wallet…

Hidden Compartment Leather Wallet for Men 

or “So Many Compartments!” Leather Wallet for Men

AFONiE bifold leather wallet ship fast


Wallets can get worn and ragged from use-and just how often did your father use his for you?- so this father’s day treat him to a new handcrafted leather wallet. Both of these options are made of premium leather and have many organizational features to avoid the mess. Dad will be thankful that you talked him into getting rid of the other old one!

Our #3, & 4 Picks - For the religious father...

Pray, Believe and Protect leather bracelet

Pray, Believe and Protect Leather Bracelet AFONiE same day shipping

or Leather Scripture Bracelet 

 Both of these leather bracelet options are stylish and sweet. Perhaps your family grew up going to church each Sunday? The perfect gift to remember those times! Or maybe your father is just now growing his religious zeal? Still the perfect gift! Each of these leather bracelets includes a cross on the front and a lace-up clasp.

Consider this divine intervention to purchase these for the dads in your life!

Our #5 Pick - For the sporty dad...

Classic Sport Men Sunglasses



Fishing, camping or golfing trips every weekend growing up? We know what kind of dad you had and just what he’d adore for Father’s day! The sporty dad might say he’s tough (and he is) but showing you care is simple, sunglasses to protect the eyes! Each of these glasses comes in different color options and they all have UV protection so click ‘add to cart’ for the sporty dad in your life that really needs to protect his eyes more.

afonie same day shipping fathers day 2021

Fashion Top Zipper Hobo June 30, 2020 14:23

The fashion top zipper hobo is a fun, exciting bag with lots of interesting details. It comes inRed, Black, Grey, Beige, Brown, Navy or Tan, each a different look, and each is quite distinctive. The bag is hip and trendy, with scrunched and pleated detailing on the pockets in the front. It’s Western mixed with posh, an interesting and chic
look for the stylish women who have a lot to get done.
The bag is made from fine faux leather that is resilient and durable. It has a dual, wide carrying straps and silver-tone hardware. An inner zip pocket and two inner slip
pockets complement the front pockets for a lot of storing options. Top zipper closure keeps everything safe and sound inside. This is a top pick for an everyday bag. It’s a great size large enough to hold everything you need plus a little extra, but not too big to weigh you down. Picture
this with your favorite pair of jeans or with a proper suit for work – either works great!
Lifetime Soft Leather Tote Bag

NYFW 2019 Breakdown: The 10 Best Trends & How To Achieve the Looks For Less March 13, 2019 20:53 1 Comment

AFONiE breaks down the 10 best fashion trends to come out of NYFW 2019 and how to get these looks for less.

Evening Bag Collection January 18, 2019 13:27

AFONiE’s line of elegant evening bags is the perfect eye-popping addition to any ensemble. The versatile Evening Bag Collection offers 9 stunningly designed clutches that easily transition to shoulder bags with their fabulous removable chain straps.

Each purse is backed by a two-year warranty that covers almost any damage that may occur to these high-quality glossy bags, many of which come with a satin or metallic exterior. Whether you’re feeling pretty in purple, glamming it up in gold, or just keeping it classic with a coffee-colored evening ensemble, this collection has something for everyone.

Free shipping and returns aren’t the only benefits to these bags. You’ll find yourself captivated by the clutch’s rhinestone accented centerpieces, the perfect pop of glitz to glam up any look.


fashion evening bags


Biker's Choice Collection January 18, 2019 13:27

AFONiE’s Biker’s Choice Collection contains high-quality versions of essentials items every Biker Boy needs when hitting the open road. From burly trifold wallets to an iconic leather vest, the Biker’s Choice collection has got you covered.

Whether you hover a Harley or kickback with a Kawasaki, this diverse line of imported genuine leather products has something for fans of any style or motorbike. From bifold and chain link wallets to easy-to-carry compact backpacks, each product is backed by AFONiE’s two-year warranty.

The Biker’s Choice collection by AFONiE embodies a classically edgy Americana-inspired feel that could only be created with top-tier quality genuine leather. With free shipping and returns on all products, you can take pleasure when hitting the highway with bike club knowing you have the best biker products on the market.

RFID Wallet Collection January 18, 2019 13:22

With fraud activity at an all-time high internationally, it comes as no surprise people around the globe are taking precautionary measures to protect their personal information. We purchase anti-virus software for our computers, place our paychecks in the security of financial institutions and deploy cameras in and around our homes to ensure thieves can’t access our valuables. But what are we doing to protect the vital information we must carry on us every day such as identification cards, and debit and credit cards?

Fortunately, AFONiE’s RFID Collection of wallets were designed with security in mind. This dynamic assortment of billfolds was designed with radio-frequency identification, a feature that prevents electronic pickpocketers from accessing valuable information via their data-stealing equipment. Coming in bifold, trifold, ladies, unisex, as well as necklace-friendly and wristlet styles, this long line of stylish yet secure currency crusaders will have everyone feeling like they have their very own security detail.

AFONiE’s gender neutral designs and a variety of styles makes this collection the perfect preventative measure no matter what your personal style is.

Leather wallet with RFID Blocking

Grey women Leather wallet with RFID Blocking

Stripe Handbag Collection December 27, 2018 12:08

This timeless classic collection by AFONiE pairs American style with effortless functionality. Whether spending a weekend in the Hamptons or an afternoon shopping in SoHo, this line of lovely purses comes in a variety of styles that will complete any look, day or night.

With three versatile styles including a classic tote, shoulder bag, satchel, and bowling-styled purse that each come in several colors, even the funkiest of fashionistas will find that this collection caters to any and every look. 

Each style includes an adjustable, removable shoulder strap that makes this collection adaptable to go with any ensemble. Silver-accented hardware and spacious soft-fabric lined interiors will give you Jackie-O vibes when toting these everyday carriers.

Backed by AFONiE’s standard two-year warranty, the Stripe Collection embodies the timelessness of 1950’s American conservative fashion with modern and durable designs. With quality material so good you could tell your friends it was tailor-made, you’ll hear freedom ring when you order any of the three styles from AFONiE’s Stripe Collection that includes free shipping and returns.

Stripe Handbag Collection