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Father’s day gift ideas 2021

By Ester Fhima May 13, 2021 0 comments

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Let’s face it - shopping for parents is hard. What do you get for the people that raised you, cleaned up after you and built their lives around you? Flowers don’t always cut it and sweet cards can only go so far, but this Father’s day you can bring a smile to your father’s face with these five beautifully detailed and heartfelt gift options. So even if he said that he didn’t want anything (we all know that isn’t true) these items will certainly make dad smile!

Our #1, & 2 Picks - For the dad that really needs a new wallet…

Hidden Compartment Leather Wallet for Men 

or “So Many Compartments!” Leather Wallet for Men

AFONiE bifold leather wallet ship fast


Wallets can get worn and ragged from use-and just how often did your father use his for you?- so this father’s day treat him to a new handcrafted leather wallet. Both of these options are made of premium leather and have many organizational features to avoid the mess. Dad will be thankful that you talked him into getting rid of the other old one!

Our #3, & 4 Picks - For the religious father...

Pray, Believe and Protect leather bracelet

Pray, Believe and Protect Leather Bracelet AFONiE same day shipping

or Leather Scripture Bracelet 

 Both of these leather bracelet options are stylish and sweet. Perhaps your family grew up going to church each Sunday? The perfect gift to remember those times! Or maybe your father is just now growing his religious zeal? Still the perfect gift! Each of these leather bracelets includes a cross on the front and a lace-up clasp.

Consider this divine intervention to purchase these for the dads in your life!

Our #5 Pick - For the sporty dad...

Classic Sport Men Sunglasses



Fishing, camping or golfing trips every weekend growing up? We know what kind of dad you had and just what he’d adore for Father’s day! The sporty dad might say he’s tough (and he is) but showing you care is simple, sunglasses to protect the eyes! Each of these glasses comes in different color options and they all have UV protection so click ‘add to cart’ for the sporty dad in your life that really needs to protect his eyes more.

afonie same day shipping fathers day 2021

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