AFONiE Collection - Classic with Fashion Forward Design

Biker's Choice Collection January 18, 2019 13:27

AFONiE’s Biker’s Choice Collection contains high-quality versions of essentials items every Biker Boy needs when hitting the open road. From burly trifold wallets to an iconic leather vest, the Biker’s Choice collection has got you covered.

Whether you hover a Harley or kickback with a Kawasaki, this diverse line of imported genuine leather products has something for fans of any style or motorbike. From bifold and chain link wallets to easy-to-carry compact backpacks, each product is backed by AFONiE’s two-year warranty.

The Biker’s Choice collection by AFONiE embodies a classically edgy Americana-inspired feel that could only be created with top-tier quality genuine leather. With free shipping and returns on all products, you can take pleasure when hitting the highway with bike club knowing you have the best biker products on the market.

RFID Wallet Collection January 18, 2019 13:22

With fraud activity at an all-time high internationally, it comes as no surprise people around the globe are taking precautionary measures to protect their personal information. We purchase anti-virus software for our computers, place our paychecks in the security of financial institutions and deploy cameras in and around our homes to ensure thieves can’t access our valuables. But what are we doing to protect the vital information we must carry on us every day such as identification cards, and debit and credit cards?

Fortunately, AFONiE’s RFID Collection of wallets were designed with security in mind. This dynamic assortment of billfolds was designed with radio-frequency identification, a feature that prevents electronic pickpocketers from accessing valuable information via their data-stealing equipment. Coming in bifold, trifold, ladies, unisex, as well as necklace-friendly and wristlet styles, this long line of stylish yet secure currency crusaders will have everyone feeling like they have their very own security detail.

AFONiE’s gender neutral designs and a variety of styles makes this collection the perfect preventative measure no matter what your personal style is.

Leather wallet with RFID Blocking

Grey women Leather wallet with RFID Blocking