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8 Accessories to Complete Your Y2K Look

By Isaiah Bradford February 24, 2022 0 comments


The early aughts are back with a bang. From bowling bags to butterfly clips, VSCO girl's everywhere are rejoicing as their favorite looks make a major comeback.

Whether you were Team Paris or Team Nicole, and no matter if you love Britney or Christina, there's one thing we can all agree on; the 2000's are back in a big way.

While we already covered the hottest bags of the new millennium, it's time we take a look at the awe-inducing accessories of the same time period that are once again all the rage. From beaded bracelets to butterfly adorned-everything, these cute yet affordable AFONiE accessories will ensure you stay on-trend.  


1. Beaded Bracelets 


Beaded bracelets are the, colorful, and versatile trend you're going to be seeing alot of. You may recall back in the day the DIY trend that seemingly would never die -- well it's risen back to life. While when we were young we took the time and creativity to create unique bracelets on our own, today well-tailored beaded sets are considered the chic version of this trend. Check out these fabulous bead embellished bracelet sets by AFONiE: 


Pink Beaded Bracelet Set Gold Love Bracelet Set Romantic Blue Bracelet Set

Pink Beaded Bracelet Set (pictured left) - $9.50
Gold Love Bracelet Set (pictured middle) - $12
Romantic Blue Bracelet Set (pictured right) - $9.99

2. Oversized Sunglasses

Made famous by socialites such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, oversized sunglasses are one of our favorite comeback trends. In the mid-2000's we all coveted over Ms. Hilton's oversized Chanel frames. However, dropping $500+ on a pair of glasses wasn't exactly budget friendly for the average consumer. Thankfully, AFONiE has got you covered with these affordable and adorable oversized shades:


Paris Round Oversized Sunglasses Oversized Diva Sunglasses

Round Oversized Sunglasses (pictured left) - $12
Oversized Diva Sunglasses (pictured right) - $9.99


3. Braided Belts

If you were alive during the first decade of the new millennium the image of celebrities everywhere wearing belts over their clothes is probably embedded in your brain. Loop belts, tie belts, big belts, small belts. Belts were literally everywhere -- even when they weren't necessary. 

However, out of every style of belt out there, there was no belt more popular than braided belts. If you're wanting to hop on this trend take a look at these stylish hip huggers by AFONiE: 

Women's Detailed Braided Belt Unisex Braided Belt

Women's Detailed Braided Belt (pictured left) - $18
Unisex Braided Belt (pictured right) - $18



4. Graphic Statement Tee's

From Paris Hilton's "Stop Being Desperate" tee to Britney's post-Justin Timberlake "Dump Him" t-shirt, graphic tees DOMINATED fashion in the mid-aughts. Shirts with sassy, clever sayings are as synonymous with the early aughts as Von Dutch trucker hats.

This is a trend that anyone can participate in, as there's a saying that matches each of our personalities. Check out theses hilarious unisex graphic tee's below:

Not Today Satan T-Shirt Ha! Now You Can't See Me Tee I'm Not Always Late.. Tee

Not Today Satan Unisex T-Shirt (pictured left) - $19.99
Ha! Now You Can't See Me Tee (pictured middle) - $24
I'm Not Always Late.. T-Shirt (pictured right) - $19.99


5. Gradient Sunglasses

J-to-the-L-O, Hello! If you see gradient sunglasses and don't instantly think of iconic figures like Jennifer Lopez and Aaliyah, you probably weren't around when Y2K hit. Gradient glasses were more than a trend in the early 2000's, they were practically a fashion requirement. No matter if you wore wafers or aviators, they probably had transparent gradient-colored lenses. Freshen up your facial accessories with these AFONiE frames: 

Modern Gradient Aviator Unisex Sunglasses Gradient Women's Sungalsses

Modern Gradient Aviator Unisex Sunglasses (pictured left) - $18
Gradient Women's Sunglasses (pictured right) - $12


6. Curb Chains

When the 2000's rolled around, rap was dominating the airwaves. The performers had a unique sense of style that permeated throughout the fashion industry. One of the most essential accessories to complete this rap-inspired look was the curb chain. These statement necklaces were popular amongst men and women. While the real deal gold and silver versions will cost you a pretty penny, these AFONiE alternatives are pieces anyone can afford:

Curb Chain Jewelry Set 

Curb Chain Jewelry Set (pictured left) - $15


7. Butterflies

This 2000s motif was seen on jewelry, hair accessories, and graphic tee's, and it's easy to see why. Butterflies are a symbol of metamorphosis, change, and/or growth. The early aughts was a time of change, and our fashion reflected it. As butterflies make a fashion comeback, you can get in on the trend with these affordable butterfly bracelets: 

Butterfly Bracelet

Butterfly Bracelet (pictured above) - $19.90


8. Hoop Earrings

What's that age old saying? "The bigger the hoop, the more in the loop?!" Maybe that wasn't exactly it, but it certainly rang true 20 years ago. Hoop earrings have always been in style, the statement making accessory can really pull a look together. Now as trends from two decades ago resurge, this earring style has become more popular than ever. Take a look at these affordable AFONiE hoops if you want to get in on this trend:

Silver Sparkly Hoop Earrings Gold & Peach 6-Pc Earring Set

Silver Rhinestone Hoop Earrings (pictured left) - $9.99
Gold & Peach 6-PC Earring Set (pictured right) - $12.99


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