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Which Handbag Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

By Isaiah Bradford March 03, 2022 0 comments


Fashionista's everywhere know the value of a good bag. Similarly to Zodiac traits, various types of bags have established a life of their own—the different textures, color schemes, and materials strongly evoke characteristics, feelings, and energy.

This combined with our love for everything astrological, there are distinct silhouettes that are representative of the traits and tastes of each zodiac sign. From oversized to compact, these luxury leather bags have you covered in terms of aligning style with your higher self.

To find out what luxury bag you should sport based on your zodiac sign take a look below: 


1. Aries  

Aries are spontaneous and courageous. They have a sense of adventure and love to explore. They're determined, bold, have high energy and can initiate quick actions.

Similarly, this Deluxe Front-Fringe Messenger Bag is bold, bright, and brings life to any outfit. 

Deluxe Front-Fringe Messenger Bag

2. Taurus

Tauruses have a regal quality about them. They are graceful and diligent laborers. They can be stubborn, bull-headed, and set in their ways, but they are also great listeners and very dependable.

The same could be said for this fabulous Large Leather Hobo Style Purse. It's regal yet dependable, and in vibrant red it really embodies everything that a true Taurus stands for. 

Large Leather Hobo Style Purse 

3. Gemini

Geminis are flexible, extroverted, and clever, and there's never a boring moment while they're around. Playful and intellectually curious, Gemini's are constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups.

With all that juggling going on, a Gemini needs a big bag with a personality to match. This is why the Deluxe Super Soft Leather Organizer Bag is the best bag for any Gemini on-the-go! 

Deluxe Soft Leather Super Organizer Bag

4. Cancer

Typical Cancer traits include being nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, self-protective, security-seeking and offering, loving, and displaying a goofy, ingratiating sense of humor

That's why this Genuine Leather Sling Backpack is so beloved by these nurturing souls -- it's fun yet efficiently secures your most important items as you're on-the-go.  

Genuine Leather Sling Backpack 

5. Leo

Leos love to lead, perform, talk, be admired and receive the praise and respect of others. They are naturally regal, and always assume a boss-like stance in any relationship or group dynamic. They are confident, bright and sexy people.

So what better way to accentuate these attributes than to carry a bright and sexy bag? This Sparkly Crystal Leather Crossbody Purse packs in big Leo-energy in a compact, cute handbag. 

Sparkly Crystal Leather Crossbody Purse


6. Virgo

Virgos are humble, self-effacing, industrious, and practical, but under the surface, they are frequently natural, kind, and sympathetic. They're also methodical and quick thinkers.

With that being said, there's no better bag that captures the essence of a Virgo than this Leather Backpack w/ a Built-In Wallet. Allowing for any Virgo to humbly provide industrious and practical help thanks to its smartly-designed sizable compartments.

Leather Backpack w/ a Built-In Wallet


7. Libra

Libra's are extroverted, cosy, and friendly people that are often concerned with attaining balance, harmony, peace, and justice in the world. With their vast stores of charm, intelligence, frankness, persuasion, and seamless connectivity, they are well-equipped to do so.

Basically, Libra's are people you want on your team. 

That being said, the best bag for any Libra is AFONiE's Does It All Bowler Bag -- a purse designed to be both stylish and practical (much like your favorite Libra lady.) 

Does It All Bowler Bag


8. Scorpio

Scorpios are notoriously discreet and even secretive, with an air of mystery surrounding them. They are fearless, bold, passionate, creative, and fiercely loyal.

So when it comes to finding the best bag for a Scorpio, this Leather Clip Pouch w/ a Detachable Strap is just the ticket. It's chic yet cute, creative and bold, and will never leave your side (especially when you take advantage of the belt loop hooks to turn this crossbody into a hip-hugger!) 

Leather Clip Pouch W/ Detachable Strap

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives are loyal, smart, assertive, and compassionate personality! They are one-of-a-kind, talented, and have impeccable discernment. They are a fantastic, caring personality type because of their blend of autonomy, intellect, and empathy.

Sagittarius' are also travel lovers, who are keen on the idea of minimalism. Because of all these factors, we know the Mini Leather Crossbody is the perfect purse for any Sag woman.

Mini Leather Crossbody

10. Capricorn

Ambitious, hardworking, and enterprising -- Capricorn's are extremely driven, enthusiastic about life, and capable of setting lofty but attainable objectives.

Because they are so goal-oriented, it shouldn't come as a surprise that these busy business-oriented people are constantly shaking and moving. To make things a bit easier, carrying this cute Travel Leather Fanny Pack is the perfect solution to any Capricorn's constantly busy schedule. 

Travel Leather Fanny Pack



11. Aquarius

Aquarius people are advanced, self-reliant, clever, exceptional, and optimistic. Aquarians, like air, lack a distinct form and appear to resist classification. Others are enthusiastic and active, while other Aquarians are calm and sensitive.

No matter what type of Aquarius you are, we're willing to bet this eccentric Large Leather Hobo Purse will compliment your outfit and alleviate any storage issues you may be facing with you current everyday carrier. 

Large Leather Hobo Purse

12. Pisces

Pisces people are known for being emotionally sensitive, gracious, and emotionally aware. Pisces characters are regarded for being among the most sympathetic of the zodiac signs, and they will go to great lengths to ensure the happiness of those around them. They're also creative and imaginative.

Being self-aware means that you're likely more self-aware as well. Since you're a practical Pisces, why not feed into your inner desire for organization with this easy to carry Soft, Thin, Light Mini Crossbody Purse

Soft Thin Leather Mini Crossbody Purse

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