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Sunny in the Summer; Sunglasses for Everyday

By Ester Fhima June 25, 2021 0 comments

It’s no secret that in the summer months the sun is out far longer and is often far brighter than in any other months. For this reason it is important to wear sunglasses. In order to ease our eyes and protect them from the hot summer sun, just like good nutrition and exercising, we need to protect our eyes as well!

This is why AFONiE designers are not only focused on trendy aviation style sunglasses (check out our set of four sunglasses for $60 because we love sales as much as you), but we also focus on every other detail from the colors, UV protection and the confidence you will feel when you wear our sunglasses!

Fashion Summer sunglasses

Along with style and affordability, we strive to boost your confidence and make you feel powerful. You know that power, when you have the perfect outfit and the perfect accessory for it? How you suddenly feel as though you could take on the world when you just know you look so stylish and cool?

That is exactly what we are trying to achieve here for you because we want you to feel as confident and happy as possible. Every lens set into the frames will have at least a 400 UV protection so you never have to worry about your retinas when you’re outside on a quick errand run or even when taking a long walk with friends. But even better yet is the many options we have for you!

AFONIE Sunglasses collection same day shipping

As mentioned earlier, we believe in getting a bang for your buck and thus many of our sunglasses are in sets that will allow you to pick and choose which is the best option for you and your outfit on any given day. Imagine: having three to four stylish options to pick and choose from each day when deciding on your outfit! Because whether you want some retro round glasses or our signature unisex sport frames there are sooooo many options to choose from for you to stay safe and stylish under the summer sun.

Hit-up our sunglass sale section at this link: to get some trendy sunglasses for no more than $12!

Plastic Frame Sport Sunglasses


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