Amanda Leather Belt Wrapped Up Together with A white Leather Bangle

$92.00 $118.00

With its chic white leather material and sleek stainless-steel accents this modern yet contemporary bracelet combines class and sass is A MUST HAVE ! Now, Let's add the Dressy Skinny Leather Bow Belt to the bundle to make this an Irresistible Offer*!

Offer includes a Leather Bungle (reg. price $50) wrapped up together with a Leather Belt (reg. price $39) 

Bungle Features:

  • Bangle Material: Leather & Stainless-steel
  • Bangle Dimensions: Diameter, 2 inch (50 mm) x Width, 1-1/8 (30 mm)
  • Bangle Style Code: DL-1111

Belt Features:

  • Belt Material: Leather
  • Belt Closure: Pin
  • Belt Dimensions:  Width: 0.75-inch Approximate length: 40 inches
  • Belt Style Code: WN-351
  • Belt Colors: Black, Yellow, Gold, Purple, Red & White
  • Belt Measurement:

Small: 30-34 (Belt Length 36.5 inches)
Medium: 32-36 (Belt Length 40.5 inches)
Large: 34-38 (Belt Length 44.5 inches)
X-Large: 38-42 (Belt Length 47.5 inches)

**Backed by AFONiE’s two-year warranty and comes with free shipping and returns.

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