Leather Sling Backpack Unisex Leather Sling Bag for Daily use or Travel

$68.00 $287.00

This is a perfect portable and charming leather cross-body bag. Whether you are traveling, hiking, biking, or just want hands free, this stunning genuine leather bag is all you need and it’s unisex.  It has a side bottle holder and comes with 4 front pockets and a single back pocket that fits most of what you need for the day.  Thick and wide strap for ease of carrying around.  Features a side zipper to access the main compartment.

Why Buy?

  • 100% soft genuine leather
  • Hands Free
  • Strong leather will last for a lifetime
  • 5 zippered pockets
  • Storable pop out mesh bottle holder and smart cell phone pocket
  • Adjustable leather shoulder strap: for perfect fit; fits Ipad Mini 
  • Dimensions: 8.5 inches L x 8 inches W x 3.5 inches D
  • Great gift to give and or receive:) 
  • Ships from the USA

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