Water Bottle Waist Pack

$36.00 $177.00

Are you’re planning on taking a hike?  Walk around town? Are you going wander the streets of a foreign city? there is little to doubt that you will eventually get thirsty! AFONiE figured out just how to make sure you look stylish and still manage to stay hydrated. This non-slip water bottle holder for your waist is optimal if you are looking for a sleek, yet spacious option to hold your water bottle and whatever extras you’ve got tagging along with you. The three pocket options provide extra room for your phone (either Android or iPhone), Passports, keys, cards, money and snacks- so it's certainly perfect for remaining comfortable while your hands are free and hydrated on your trip!

Why Buy? 
  • 100% Leather
  • Fits a 21 inches to 38 inches waist
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! 
  • Non-slip, non-bounce
  • Available in your choice of black or brown
  • Great Gift
  • Same Day Shipping
Same day shipping Water Bottle Waist Pack

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