Faith Leather Bracelet

$11.00 $45.00

These fine leather bracelets bring together faith and fashion. Coming in five visually stunning variations, these crucifix adorned wrist-worn accessories marry genuine durable leather bands with top quality roping material for a rugged look. Easily adjust the size to accommodate any wrist thanks to the adjustable rope closure. Each piece is topped with a beautiful metallic cross making these pieces the perfect addition to any devout Christian collection. These AFONiE Bestsellers make a great gift. Purchase in sets of 2, 3, 4, and 5 to ensure you and your entire crew of friends and family are covered. With our gift sets, the more you buy the more you save!

Get 1  for $11
Get 2 for $20
Get 3 for $30
Get 4 for $40
Get all 5 for $50


  • Genuine Leather
  • Premium Fashion Rope
  • Metal Crucifix Plate


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