Silver Sun and Elephant Anklet

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This unique anklet is perfect for the summer months and warm weather. Styled in a boho chic look with the silver sun and elephant- both items holding significant spiritual meanings for many cultures. 

The sun is often associated joy and life in Christianity, in Egypt it is the creator of the world with an all-seeing eye, in Hindu it is considered the 'eye of rejuvenation' and still there are various other stories with the sun holding symbolism! 

Elephants, as well, hold symbolism. They are considered spiritual animals that represent intelligence, strength and gentleness. 

Jog along the beach in the early morning sun as the soft metal of zinc alloy clings to your sweaty skin, reminding you that you are alive and free. The intricate design and symbolism of both the elephant and sun on the anklets allow you to identify with your inner wild child. 

Why Buy?

  • 1 anklet with sun
  • 1 anklet with elephant
  • Both adjustable
  • Can be used as bracelet as well
  • Material: zinc alloy 
  • Nickel free, lead free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfort Fit
  • The Perfect Gift - Perfect Gift for women, girls, teens, daughter, girlfriend, wife, friends yourself on Halloween, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Graduation, Easter, Anniversary or just because it is nice and trending.
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