Trendy Gold Earring Set

$11.99 $55.00

    Have you been flipping through the pages of fashion magazines noticing the beautiful earrings that the women are wearing and feel a bit left behind? Our designers here at AFONiE couldn't have that! This set of six earrings will leave you feeling as confident as a fashion model when you put them on. 
    Whether you're in the mood for pearl hoops, tassels or a resin style, this set is perfect for the fashion girl in your life or in you. 
      Why Buy? 
    • Materials: Rhinestones, artificial pearls, high-quality alloy, acrylic, and cotton tassels
    • Assorted Styles and colors, giving you the perfect piece of jewelry to wear whatever the occasion. 
    • Each pair of earrings is light and will not be heavy on your ears.

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